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Some people seem to turn everything they turn into gold, others meanwhile as constantly being harassed by misfortune. From a purely logical and physical - and there are no such things as leprechauns and pots of gems at the end of the rainbow perspective - there really is no such thing as luck. Luck is simply a perfectly reasonable way of highly creative people to talk about how things might have easily turned out. It isn’t a property, like mass, or weight, or an object.

There are two spectrums of science that debate the existence of luck. The only branch of physics that can remotely say that maybe, perhaps, might, and so forth exist are those that have a loose, very loose, interpretation of quantum mechanics. This branch says that someone or something that knows enough about the universe and its laws should be entirely capable of predicting - in principle - the outcome of absolutely everything. It is called physical determinism. But, it’s not LUCK, but the understanding that everything - with enough foreknowledge can be predicted; that casualty doesn’t exist and every action is partially deterministic.

If this is even remotely true, then it undermines free will and moral responsibility. No matter what we do, no matter what we think, no matter what we might want, the UNIVERSE from a physics standpoint has already planted a course for us and we’re just puppets to its whims. If science were ever to prove that, then our society would devolve into chaos; just, for a second, think of all the implications. America, for example would stop being the land of the free… Because, in essence, we’re not. Next time they catch someone standing over a body, bloodied and guilty, they could easily get off by invoking: "science says it’s not my fault… Fate made me do it."

But, lucky, this is just a small branch of quantum physic - the fringe group. In reality most scientists have proven to a certain degree that reality is simply "indeterministic"; it is impossible to predict everything no matter how much you know. "If something good happens to us once, then it is luck. If it happens to us often then it is skill. There’s this old saying, lighting can’t strike twice, when in reality it can. Some places, due to their location and geological content attract more lighting than other places.

Some people also, for various biological reasons, also attract more lighting than others. If you place someone with this proneness and have them hanging around a thunderstorm with those qualities then they will be a lot more likely be struck by lighting. Was it that they were unlucky? Or was it simply that they were un-informed about certain facts? Luck is something closely linked to fate and destiny, once you get to know certain things about reality you slowly understand that those concepts don’t really exist. Conversely, you can actually manufacture your own "luck" if you know what you're doing and do your research."

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